My First Blog Post! A Little Introduction.

Caitlynn (Call me Cait) is my name. I have been inspired to start blogging because of a few people and my love for writing. I am a homemaker and a Fiancee. I live with my Fiance and our two female cats Nicola and Ebonee. We live in an apartment in Ontario, Canada. I have many interested such as reading, writing, organizing, homemaking, couponing, etc… Im just starting out on here, figured i would give it a try and we will see where it takes me. Here is a rough schedule I put together to try and keep on track with writing blog posts weekly.

Monday: Books I like to read one book a week, sometimes more and sometimes less. These  blog posts will include reviews of books including summaries, books i want to read, books compared to the movies made about them, etc…

Wednesday: Homemaking This is a huge part of my life and I enjoy it. These blog posts will include lots of tips including organizing, cleaning, saving money, etc. Also recipes we enjoy and some that I want to try.

Friday: Mental Health I have a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder. Its a mood disorder that affects every part of my life. These blog posts will be very honest and will explain in detail how the disorder effects me and my life. I will also ad in lots of tips how to cope with the disorder and what i do to help my self. 

As for the other days of the week there may be no posts at all, or if there is they will be about something I want to talk about and that doesn’t fit into the categories I have listed above. I hope this works out well and everyone who reads will enjoy what I have to write about. I have lots of ideas and hope to get started right away. 


One thought on “My First Blog Post! A Little Introduction.

  1. Cait I love your candor and honesty but unlike Facebook where you have control who sees your content pictures etc. That’s not the same for blog… if I make one critique it would be this… Don’t give away too much personal information just yet and you may want to use a pseudonym or pen name… Unless you’re going to write under your real name… to keep your readers coming in returning consider posting at least once a week… If you’re not sure what to write about feel free to use any of my mental health humor cartoons as content for your blog just link them back to my blog. Happy blogging!

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