Bout of Books Day Four: I Spy Challenge

The second challenge today was to find the specific items listed below on the covers of the books you already own. Here is the list and what books I found or didn’t find:

1. Snowflakes Image



3.A City Skyline: I couldn’t find any books with this on the cover.

4.The Moon


5. A Sword: Couldn’t find one and cant remember reading a book with a sword in it. I was going to look at my Fiances books but I didn’t have the energy for it.

6. A Wedding Dress


7.High Heels




9.A Christmas Tree




11.Lightning: Couldn’t find one.

12.A Tattoo: Also didn’t see this one.

13.Combat Boots: Nope.

14.Hand Cuffs


15.A Road: I’m pretty sure she’s walking on a road.


This was a really fun challenge and I would have liked to find the ones i’m missing. Unfortunately due to a knee injury i wasn’t able to look for as long as I would like . Hope everyone had fun today participating in Bout of Books challenges! Please make sure to check out my daily updates blog post to see my answer for the road trip challenge and of course my progress.

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