Bout of Books Day 6: Bookish Wishes Challenge

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There are two questions but you dont have to answer both. I can never help it, i need to think about answers for both once ive been asked. 

Question 1. If you could be like any character from a fictional book, who would it be? What do you like about them?Tell me why!

Answer 1. Since I did answer the other question I don’t feel to bad about saying this. I don’t think I would want to be any book character because when I think about all the characters I’ve read about there lives seem to have such big struggles that i don’t want to ever have to deal with. Maybe i’m reading the wrong kind of books? I like romance novels but I’m in a relationship so I don’t feel like being any of those characters. Well actually I suppose I would be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Even though her adventure wasn’t exactly easy it was fun and very interesting. I guess I wouldn’t mind going on it myself. 

Question 2. There’s lots of books out there, but is there one that you’ve been dying to read that doesn’t seem to be written yet? Describe it briefly.

Answer 2. When I was younger I loved reading Nancy Drew books. On the weekends I would look around thrift shops for any kind of Nancy Drew book I hadn’t read yet. So to answer the question I would like a book series about a grown up Nancy Drew. Where did all of her adventures finally take her? Maybe she has a family now or maybe her adventures are much more dangerous then before? I’m not really sure what i would want for Nancy since I haven’t thought about it before. I do know I miss her and would love there to be a more mature series about her! 


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