Book Review of Si-cology 1 by Si Robertson

Title: Si-cology 1
Author: Si Robertson
Published: Howard Books on Sept. 2013
Genres: Biography & Autobiography
Pages: 231
Format: Hardcover
Rating: ImageImageImageImageImage 


From Goodreads: 

 And as Uncle Si recounts his outlandish tales, he weaves in an up-close look into his personal life. You’ll learn about his childhood life as the youngest son in the Robertson family, his college days, and his time in Vietnam. Si shares stories of the scores of marriage proposals he’s received in the mail (some with photos!), how he came to use a green Tupperware cup for his ever-present sweet tea, and how his cigarette smoke made a deer cough (he’s since quit smoking). And in many of these never-before-heard tales, Si openly talks about his wife Christina and two children, Scott and Trasa—who are never seen and rarely mentioned on the show. 

My Review:  I pre-ordered this book back in August when I first found out about it. As a huge fan of the show and Si in particular I was super excited to read this book. I received it in the mail on the release date and started reading it the next night. It was a lot shorter then I was expecting, so after two nights i was finished. I loved looking at all the old pictures of Si and his family. I loved learning about all aspects of his life esp. the parts about his wife and kids since we never hear about them on the TV show. I was very surprised by the book and how it shows a different side to Silas. He’s a great father and husband. His stories are interesting and outrageous as always. I like how the book was written, it made for a quick easy read. I recommend it to anyone who knows of Si from Duck Dynasty. We watch the show every Wednesday on A&E and have seen every episode. The first time I saw Si he had his Tea cup and I thought What is this? Ever since then I started telling everyone about the show. I havent read the other books by the Robertson family, but I might read Phil’s book. I dont really like WIllie and Korie so im not sure I’m interested in there book.


“I put hot sauce and pepper sauce on nearly everything–even my Fruity Pebbles.”

“The only plausible explanation was that a Vietnamese person stole a tire while I was driving down the road!”

“After about a half mile, the wolves lost interest in eating me.”


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