Book Review of Dirty Work by Julia Bell

Title: Dirty Work Image
Author: Julia Bell
Published: Young Picador 2007
Genres: Fiction, YA 
Pages: 188
Format: Hardcover

Rating: ImageImageImage 

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Hope Tasker, an upper-class girl from Britain, is sick of her petty friends and distracted parents. She just wants to be free, to have fun, to live a little. So when she meets a mysterious foreigner named Natasha, something tells her that this could be her way out of her mundane life.
Except Natasha is really Oksana, an impoverished girl from Russia, who was tricked into being sold into sexual slavery as a way to support her family. Oksana, far from being Hope’s way out, is instead a trap that lures Hope into an international prostitution ring. The two girls soon realize that if they are ever going to escape, they must learn to find enough common ground to work together—and to trust each other.

My Review: I bought this book on It was a bargain book and I thought it sounded interesting so I took a chance on it. This book left way to many unanswered questions. Like what happened to Adik,etc… I feel like my copy of the book is missing the ending, like some one tore it out. I liked hearing about Oksana’s life but didn’t care about Hope and found her parts to be annoying and just wanted to skip past them. I thought this book would have more details then it did. I guess it’s for an even younger audience then I thought. I was disappointed, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I was hoping the last little bit would make me feel better about this book and for a little bit it did when I was hearing more about Oksana’s life. Then the ending was ridiculous! I was flipping through the pages at the back looking for the rest of the book. I thought this can’t be all there is. I may recommend it if you want to hear Oksana’s story but be aware you’ll be dissatisfied with the ending and you’ll have to be patient through the chapters about Hope. 


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