Book Review of Omens by Kelley Armstrong

Title: Omens (Cainsville #1) Image
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Published: Random House Canada 2013
Genres: Fiction,
Pages: 486
Format: Hardcover
Rating: ImageImageImageImageImage

From Goodreads: 

Twenty-four-year-old Olivia Taylor Jones has the perfect life. The only daughter of a wealthy, prominent Chicago family, she has an Ivy League education, pursues volunteerism and philanthropy, and is engaged to a handsome young tech firm CEO with political ambitions.
But Olivia’s world is shattered when she learns that she’s adopted. Her real parents? Todd and Pamela Larsen, notorious serial killers serving a life sentence. When the news brings a maelstrom of unwanted publicity to her adopted family and fiancé, Olivia decides to find out the truth about the Larsens. 
Olivia ends up in the small town of Cainsville, Illinois, an old and cloistered community that takes a particular interest in both Olivia and her efforts to uncover her birth parents’ past.
Aided by her mother’s former lawyer, Gabriel Walsh, Olivia focuses on the Larsens’ last crime, the one her birth mother swears will prove their innocence. But as she and Gabriel start investigating the case, Olivia finds herself drawing on abilities that have remained hidden since her childhood, gifts that make her both a valuable addition to Cainsville and deeply vulnerable to unknown enemies. Because there are darker secrets behind her new home and powers lurking in the shadows that have their own plans for her.

My Review: When I first heard about this book just after It came out I decided it would be a good pick for my fall reading challenge. I really prefer to read all the books in a series one after another. So i decided to step out of my comfort zone and start a new book series and read it as it comes out and im glad that i did. I loved that this book was like a read a long mystery. You read along with the main character as they go through things and figure them out. I like that style of book. Im really looking forward to finding out whats next for Olivia and I hope the next book starts off right where this one left. There is a lot going on in this book so im interested to see what we will find out in the second book, what secrets will be reviled that were hinted at in the first one. I recommend this book if your looking for a new mystery type series. 


“Did I say you could stay two months? You pay one. Then I decide if you can have it for another.”

“No. I want a scone. One of those cranberry orange ones. If Larry says hes out, you tell him Grace says hes full of shit and he’d better find one.” 


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