Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs


October 1: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs 

  1. Cheating Spouses: these kind of stories just make me so mad and i get in a really bad mood about reading the book. ex. The Silent Wife by A.S.A. Harrison 
  2. Not Enough Dialogue: I like the fast paced reading of dialogue 
  3. E-Book only: I dont really like e-books and always want an option 
  4. Werewolves: Never been able to get into them
  5. High Fantasy: Super long series about Aliens or other beings, not my idea of fun
  6. Audio Books: Dont understand how you can call this reading 
  7. Stickers all over the front cover: Dont need them, keep them off the books
  8. Movie Book Covers: Again this isn’t needed 
  9. Books Over $15: I wont pay more then $10 for paperback or $15 for hardcover 
  10. Books Under 250 pages: I really hate buying a book and when it arrives its super short and I didn’t know. I always check now

67 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

  1. Ahhhh, I disagree with you on the audiobooks. They are one of the only ways I’m able to get my reading done with how busy I am. I definitely consider it reading. I experience all the same emotions and relish every perfect image just the way I do with a physical copy.

  2. I’ve never got werewolves either! I have found a few vampire books out there I liked (either because they were written by Robin McKinley or they treat vampirism as not a hot sexy thing and more like a parasite), but I’ve not done much exploring of werewolves. I’m not much for paranormal romance, and that seems to be the only place for werewolves.

    • My phone just deleted my reply 😦 well let me start again. I thought Twilight was the worst thing ever. I’ve never read the book, but of all people my brother in law has and he made me watch the movie and I laughed the whole time. Like sparkling vampires? What is that about anyways? Buffy is my favorite thing ever so since that I haven’t been able to enjoy anything vampire related. I tried vampire diaries but didnt like that. Recently I found out about true blood and it reminded me of Buffy quite a bit so I will hopefully check out the books or tv show soon.

  3. I also dislike super-short books, though oddly enough, my all-time favoritest book, Hermann Hesse’s Demian, is under 200 pages. Some books can be short and yet feel much longer and more substantial, because of how they’re written. But a lot of times these days, it feels like people are writing books at that length just for the sake of being short. I’m approaching the half-million-word mark on my current WIP, and hoping to finish it before the 600K mark. I’ll never understand the appeal of books that are all of a few hundred pages long, without enough time for substantial plot, character, and world development.

    • Yes I totally agree I really liked the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch albom but I didn’t realize how short it would be and I feel cheated because it spent just as much money on it as I would a regular book I feel like they should at least be cheaper.

  4. Yes to the movie covers! I hate those – and never buy them unless I’m buying super cheap second hand. As for audiobooks – I never used to like them. But recently I’ve been going for a run every day and instead of listening to music I’ve been listening to audiobooks. It’s so different from reading the printed word. I love that it’s taking me so long to read a book – normally I read a book in less than two days but these audiobooks are taking me a month to read so it’s giving me opportunities to dwell on the story and build up a lot of anticipation.

    That said – I can totally understand why audiobooks may not be your thing 🙂

  5. I hate movie covers on books!! They look so tacky! I don’t think I own a single book with a movie cover. Also I an so with you on the prices! As much as I love my books (which is a lot) I really don’t want to go broke reading them! Especially when I can get them on my kindle at such a cheaper price.
    Great list 🙂
    – Maddi

    • Before last week I didn’t own a book with a movie cover but I really want all of Nicolas sparks books and I found the lucky ones on amazon for around $6 so I decided to get that cause its much cheaper then the normal 10 they usually go for. I love amazon and there bargain books!

  6. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a book with a movie cover before. I think they’re really unoriginal and I don’t see the point of them when the covers were perfectly fine prior to the movie releases. I kind of have to disagree with you on audiobooks though. I haven’t listened to one in a long time, but I remember loving the audiobook version of The Railway Children when I was younger. It really depends on the narrator as well. I know a friend does a combination of both when she reads super long books. With The Game of Thrones series she did a few chapters audio and then read a few chapters. I think audio books are probably helpful if the material is really dense too. It might be easier to grasp certain stuff when you hear it being said out loud.

    I don’t like the e-book only format either. I don’t really read a lot of ebooks and always prefer to have the actual book in hand. Werewolves haven’t really interested me either. I don’t know what it is about them, but I couldn’t get into them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Love your list!
    cheating spouses– AMEN! it’s bad enough reading about a teenager that does something stupid at a party when they are drunk, but a middle aged married person– no thanks!
    ebook only– ahhhh! yes! though i’ve started to appreciate my kindle more, i’d like the choice of physical copy!
    under 250 pages– agree with this too! how developed can a book be with less than 250 pages!

    • Thanks! I really hate when it’s the main character that’s cheating and were supposed to feel bad for him or the very worst Is when the guy is cheating on his sick wife I think that’s the most disgusting thing! Pages under 250 I normal do not end up liking the book at all like in dirty work but in some cases I do like in the five people you meet in heaven.

  8. Great list. I love the fast pace of dialogue, too. Though I can read a book with a fair amount of description, if it’s overdone, I end up skipping it all and moving right to the dialogue. Werewolves and fantasy have never been my thing either.

    Thanks for stopping by The Book Connection.

    • Thanks! Normally I find myself trying to skip ahead to dialogue too I think it’s the most fascinating part of the book. I’ve never been interested in werewolves I don’t mind a little fantasy mixed with reality or something like that but when I have no idea what anything is in the book and the names are crazy I really can’t get into it at all.

  9. I agree with the movie covers. I usually don’t buy them – I look for the original covers. I think I could make an exception for Silver Linings Playbook though, because Jennifer Lawrence is THAT awesome. Not enough dialogue – yes! I agree with C above. I fall asleep. I haven’t tried out audiobooks, so I don’t know about those.

  10. $10 books? Wow. In Australia the average price for a paperback is about $15-20 unless it is a trade paperback in which case you’re looking at about $30. Here’s my TTT

    • Yes for paperback most on amazon there always on sale a bit I’ve paid closer to $15 for a paperback if I really wanted it tho full price. That’s very expense books have you looked online amazon might have a store for you. They have bargain books too that I buy frequently.

  11. I agree with you on expensive books and on those stupid stickers on book covers. However, I disagree on audiobooks, though I used to be of your opinion before I listened to them. They can actually be really amazing, and I’m often to find love for books that I wouldn’t have enjoyed in print, because the narrator brings it to life. Plus, with audiobooks, I can read while I’m doing chores. How boss is that? I can be reading basically all of the time.

  12. The stickers on the covers! OMG! I totally agree with you – I really don’t need to know what Oprah thought. =p

    I’m kind of surprised by some of these, especially the ebooks and audiobooks – I feel like it’s just another way to get the content in, so what’s the big deal?

    Also, $15 for hardcovers – wow, I want to shop where you shop! =)

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  13. Cheating spouses (or boyfriends or girlfriends) bother me a lot, too. And I’ve never been a fan of stickers on book covers, with the exception of the Caldecott and Newbery medal stickers. And super-short books are annoying, especially when you don’t know up front.

    As for audiobooks, I was pretty skeptical at first, too, and didn’t consider it reading. Then I tried them, and I slowly became a convert. I do read most of the books I consume (either in paper or electronic format), but I also listen to audiobooks, because that lets me enjoy the pleasure of a story while I’m cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, driving, knitting… you get the idea. A good narrator can make the story live almost as well as I do when I read.

    I also like ebooks for travel convenience and easy storage, though I’ll keep collecting my favorite books in print, because I love the feel and smell and heft of a book.

    • I like the idea of listening while doing other stuff, but I also wouldn’t want to pay for the audio book I would prefer the physical copy that’s another reason I don’t like e books. I prefer the physical copy.

    • I love ordering on amazon they always have good sales. I prefer to check around Thrift store but since I have a leg injury to cant go out but when I get better ill be checking out good will for sure.

  14. In response to your e-books only section, I completely agree! I am a hater of e-books because I like the way it feels to hold a book in my hands, and I know that it won’t get deleted by accident. I didn’t even know that there were certain books only available digitally. Those authors are missing out on a very large audience that does not use e-books. What a shame.
    Check out my TTT list:

  15. Cheating yes!! Hate that in books…and not just with a spouse but with anyone in a committed relationship. If you no longer like the person you are with in favor of the person in front of you then you break up with first person before starting anything new!

    My TTT is here.

  16. I’ve only listened to one audio book and I thought it was just OK. Not something I could do all the time. I missed holding the book and being able to flip back if I wanted to clarify something. Also I could only do it in the car when I was alone… and since I don’t have a lengthy commute, it wasn’t working out. And I’m definitely NOT into high fantasy or werewolves either.

    My TTT

  17. Thanks for stopping by to check out my Top Ten Book Turn-Offs. I totally agree with your #8 & 9, especially #8. I honestly prefer to purchase books without movie covers. It sucks when they only have the move cover version in stock.

    & I get what you mean about ebooks. I hate it when it’s only available in ebook format, but I guess it hasn’t been such a big issue for me lately. Since I travel from college to home so often, I’ve taken up reading ebooks. It’s so much more convenient than traveling with a suitcase of books.

  18. I am with you on pretty much everything you’ve said. A big YES to movie poster book covers and stickers on the front. I wish they’d stop!

  19. Oh, I HATE movie covers. If I wanted the movie cover, I’d buy the DVD. (Though I do understand movie covers from a marketing standpoint.) I wish I could find hardcovers under $15! Most are at least $20 for YA and more expensive for Adult.

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