Follow Me Friday: Oct. 4 2013 Question

ImageFeature & Follow is the day of the week that we can find some new blogs to follow and read! This is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Each week there is a question/activity/challenge. Since I am new to blogging I would love it if you could like my posts, leave a comment or subscribe/follow. Also be sure to check out my Fall Reading Challenge.

This weeks question: What book (or TV show or movie) have you not read that seemingly everyone else has?

My Answer: I not too sure how to answer this question so im just going to list some stuff that i’m interested in getting into that i haven’t yet got to yet.

TV Shows:

  • True Blood


  • The Great Gatsby
  • World War Z (Book too)


  • The Lunar Chronicles (I REALLY want to get to this series but am going to wait til the other book comes out, then i will buy them all)
  • Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver
  • Legend by Marie Lu
  • Cassandra Clare’s book series
  • The Maze Runner Trilogy
  •  Divergent Series

55 thoughts on “Follow Me Friday: Oct. 4 2013 Question

  1. The only book on your list I’ve read is Delirium. Not the series, just the book. The book just didn’t do much for me so I had no desire to continue the series. Though I do admit most people though I was crazy for not loving it 🙂 I just saw World War Z, it was so funny (I hope that was their intent). Thanks for stopping by my FF!

    Kimber Leigh @ Kimber Leigh Writes

  2. I have read The Mortal Instruments and they are really great books. I haven’t seen the movie, always scared of adaptations!
    Delirium Series I fell in love with.
    The Divergent Trilogy are really great reads! I cannot wait for Allegiant to come out as well as the movie!

    New Follower #FF

  3. Well I haven’t seen the Great Gatsby or read the book. It is on my to read list though. I’ll decide if I want to watch the movie once I finish the book.

    New follower here, have a great weekend.

    My FF

  4. I haven’t read any of the books on your list or watched any of the movies – I guess I’m pretty behind! LOL I have watched most of True Blood – I’m a season behind (I think) – I just can’t keep up with TV, not enough time.

    I saw you said you’re new to blogging, so welcome! I’m relatively new too (almost 3 months now) and I love it 🙂 New Follower – thanks for stopping by!

  5. The first 4 seasons of True Blood were fantastic and then it just got weird…really weird. Thanks for checking out my F&F
    Old Bloglovin’ follower
    Vilia @ Backchatting Books

  6. I have seen True Blood but not since the 2nd season, I haven’t seen those movies, and the only books on your list I’ve read is Cassandra Clare’s and I’m not caught up in the series. LOL So, you are NOT alone! 😉 Happy weekend!

  7. Everyone says the Clockwork series are good but I’m…dragging my feet. I dunno why. Maybe because despite all the hype, not all popular books are really to my taste? Hmm.

    Thank you for dropping by my blog 🙂

  8. I forgot about the Maze runner. It’s so far off my radar I’ll probably never read it. I also only watched the first few episodes of True Blood. I probably will never watch it. Thanks for visiting my FF.

    • I agree that maze runner doesn’t seem so popular anymore but I think a movie is coming out so I would still like to read it. I may by the box set that’s coming out soon. And I think there’s a prequel maybe too?

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