Caitlynn (Call me Cait) is my name. I have been inspired to start blogging because of a few people and my love for writing. I am a homemaker and a Fiancee. I live with my Fiance and our two female cats Nicola and Ebonee. We live in an apartment in Ontario, Canada. I have many interested such as reading, writing, organizing, homemaking, couponing, weight loss/fitness, etc… Im just starting out on here, figured i would give it a try and we will see where it takes me. Here are some ideas I put together I would like to write about on my blog:

Books: I like to read one book a week, sometimes more and sometimes less. These  blog posts will include reviews of books including summaries, books i want to read, books compared to the movies made about them, etc…

Homemaking: This is a huge part of my life and I enjoy it. These blog posts will include lots of tips including organizing, cleaning, saving money, etc. Also recipes we enjoy and some that I want to try.

Mental Health: I have a mental illness called Bipolar Disorder. Its a mood disorder that affects every part of my life. These blog posts will be very honest and will explain in detail how the disorder effects me and my life. I will also ad in lots of tips how to cope with the disorder and what i do to help my self.

Weight loss/Fitness: Im using MyFitnessPal to count calories and I am doing various exercises. I am on a weight loss journey, that I’ve started this year (2013). I would like to share tips, changes, progress, problems and meals all to do with my weight loss journey.


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