Tip: Make Doing Dishes By Hand A Peaceful Experience.

I just had a little story/tip that I wanted to share:

Back when I moved out (a few years ago) we started out with crappy dishes and pans. They were hard to wash and even if they were clean they didn’t look it. Dishes were a chore i HATED and they always piled up and caused me stress. Well fast forward to now, I have new pots and dishes. They are much easier to clean so that makes the job so much easier. My tip is that doing dishes used to be a hassle and now its something i enjoy and something that relaxes me. I live in an apartment so its a small kitchen and it gets all steamy around the sink from the hot water. That alone is soothing, makes you feel safe and warm. My next trick is the soap, Its Palmolive Anti Stress Lavender dish soap. I know what your thinking, that doesn’t mean anything it doesn’t really work. But it really does (any lavender soap should do the trick). So i can honestly say that doing dishes calms me down and its something i enjoy. Who would have thought lol.

Here is a link to the product: http://www.colgate.ca/app/Palmolive/CA/EN/HomePage.cwsp#AromaSensations

So remember, to make dishes a pleasant experience:

  • Use an Anti Stress dish soap, like lavender scented.
  • Wear gloves and use the hottest water to get the best steamy results and the warmest.
  • Have it quiet or put on some relaxing music, even a pod cast might work well if you have a favorite.
  • Use this time to relax, enjoy the quiet break, use it as personal time away from everything.
  • When its all done your kitchen will look great, so make sure to take a second to feel great about what you have accomplished!